Jan 3rd 2021

“Life always waits for some crisis to occur before revealing itself at its most brilliant.”

(Paulo Coelho)

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 Apr 28th 2020

“What you really value is what you miss, not what you have.” (Jorge Luis Borges)



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 Apr 22nd 2020

Bring me the sunset in a cup
Reckon the morning’s flagons up
And say how many Dew
Tell me how far the morning leaps
Tell me what time the weaver sleeps
Who spun the breadth of blue!

– Emily Dickinson

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 Apr 20th 2020

. . . “If I don’t have red, I use blue.” What did he mean by that?

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 Apr 11th 2020

“A single gentle rain makes the grass many shades greener.” These words by Henry David Thoreau remind us to value our most precious resource. This Easter weekend, it’s raining here in Green Spain. Can’t wait to see the view from our window afterwards!

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 Mar 23rd 2020

The first days of spring are a magical time. This year we’re only able to enjoy a VIRTUAL walk in the forest. To join us, just click here: A Walk in the Forest.

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 Jul 4th 2019

Exploring Green Spain this autumn? See dates below! To request your booking: please e-mail us at or call +34 686 193 302.

JASCAL – your ‘home away from home’ in the Picos de Europa

Dates available

Aire 05.10-10.10

Fuego 06.10-13.10

Luna 12.10-19.10

Updated 02 October 2019

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 Mar 16th 2019

We are celebrating! JASCAL is now a part of ALDEAS – Asturias Calidad Rural. Selection for this award is based on “Excellence in service offered in unique settings, where guests can enjoy rural Asturias. Its villages, extraordinary landscapes, cuisine and traditions … all through new and unusual experiences”.


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 Sep 30th 2018

Clear skies and splendid views. Autumn in the Picos de Europa! Here’s a panorama of the Western Massif, as seen from the slopes just below Peña Jascal.

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 May 13th 2018

Coming to Green Spain? Here are the dates available for September. To confirm availability, please e-mail us at

JASCAL – ‘Casas Rurales’ in the Picos de Europa

Dates available

Fuego 16.09-21.09

Luna 17.09-21.09

Agua 17.09-24.09

Aire 23.09-30.09

Updated on 15.09.18. For further details, please call us at +34 686 193 302  – MANY THANKS!

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