May 13th 2018

Coming to Green Spain this September? Here are the dates available for next month. To confirm availability, please send your request to

JASCAL – ‘Casas Rurales’ in the Picos de Europa

Dates available

Fuego  03.09-10.09

Aire  04.09-08.09

Luna  05.09-10.09

Agua 09.09-16.09

Tierra 10.09-17.09

Updated on 16.08.18. For further details, please call +34 686 193 302 or e-mail us at – MANY THANKS!

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 Feb 26th 2018

Flores en el Parque Nacional de los Picos de Europa

If you were not able to visit us this winter, you will certainly enjoy reading the following article … it’s a wonderful way to keep dreaming of the Picos – tasty regional cuisine at Monte Río in Trescares, your secret hide-away at Jascal, breath-taking views from Tebrandi and a delicious meal at Casa Niembro in Asiego. Many thanks to Elena Montalvo for sharing her journey! To connect with your dream world in the Picos, click here:

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 Jun 24th 2017

Planning to visit the Picos this summer? There are still a few dates available at Jascal! See options below to book your stay in Green Spain:

Terrace Jascal Rural



For 2 guests

Casa Fuego:  30.08-03.09  SPECIAL OFFER

Casa Aire:  05.09-12.09

For 4 guests (2 adults + 2 children)

Casa Tierra:  30.08-05.09


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 Apr 15th 2017

On your next visit to Asturias, be sure to try this combination: a tapa of spicy octopus with traditional apple cider. Just order “pulpo a feira y sidra natural”. A splendid pairing and the best way to take in the Cantabrian Coast. Ask us for our list: Jascal’s recommended restaurants and cider bars and enjoy! That is . . . buen provecho . . .

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 Mar 26th 2017

ONE MINUTE IN THE FOREST. The absolute best anti-stress treatment you can find. In the Picos de Europa, the woodlands are coming alive with spring. For a listen, click here:

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 Mar 19th 2017

Spring in the Picos de Europa is an amazing production. The world is suddenly filled with light, with birdsong, trees budding, flowers in bloom… Oh, the flowers! Few places on earth boast such variety in species of flora, few have such an amazing number of flowers. This week, several friends have come to join us as we celebrate the equinox – the violet, the hellebore, the liverwort, the primrose. This is a good start.

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