Jun 4th 2014
We love Sawday’s because they define themselves as “more than a place to spend the night”. They defend originality, location and the owners’ involvement, above corporate strategies and standardization, while seeking a connection with locals, their traditions, their products, etc. These are the values we aim to defend and transmit here at Jascal, values that our guests share too.
Wild Spain Sawdays - Ficha Jascal Asturias
If you have not yet been to visit us, we’d love to welcome you. You’ll understand why everyone ends up falling in love with this very unique corner of the world, the Picos, Asturias – Spain.
We celebrate the chance to be a part of the “Wild Spain”collection, a special promotion highlighting 24 accommodations from around the country, where Asturias has its own place with Jascal and the Picos de Europa.

Wild Spain Sawdays - Jascal Asturias

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 May 4th 2014

We are proud that Jascal has been recommended by the famous British newspaper The Guardian, within a list of the top 10 rural hideaways to get lost in Spain.

The Guardian recommends Jascal

The Guardian says about Jascal:

Set in the Picos de Europa national park and surrounded by majestic pines, Jascal is in the red-roofed village of Berodia, reached by crossing the Casano river and climbing a winding road. Choose from three apartments set in the hillside, or two “casas” in the three-storey house. All have open-plan living rooms with wood-burning stoves and big beds. Explore the mountain villages or drive to the coast in half an hour.

Certainly Jascal is a place for relaxation, meditation, observation and enjoyment of the nature of the Picos de Europa and Asturias in a pure state. But it is also a place for lovers of mountain sports and is ideal for couples and families thanks to its two modalities of country cottages, from 2 to 6 people, and terraces with private garden in every cottage where no doubt you will enjoy unforgettable moments.

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 Dec 19th 2013

Jascal offer midwinter in Picos de Europa

Contact us for bookings or info in or through our contact form.

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 Sep 11th 2013

We are amazed by the number of photos submitted for Jascal’s first Photo Fest. Our guests have sent pictures taken on holiday in the Picos de Europa, here at Jascal and on excursions around Asturias. It’s taken some time to review them all, but soon we’ll announce the winners in each category.

Many thanks to all our guests. Thank you for visiting Jascal and sharing your favourite moments with us.

Here are all the photos submitted in this, Jascal’s very first, Photo Fest!


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 Aug 1st 2013

cámara de fotosWe’re celebrating a Photo Fest this summer, open to all guests at Jascal! If you would like to participate, here’s how.


¿Who is elegible to participate in Jascal’s Photo Fest?

Any guest who visits Jascal between 25 July and 01 September 2013.


¿How do I submit my photos?

It’s very easy. Just send us your favourite photos taken during your stay at Jascal (maximum 2 photos per category).

Photos can be submitted in the following categories:

  • Best Nature Photo.
  • Best Night-time Photo.
  • Best Abstract Photo.
  • Best Close-up.
  • Most Surprising Photo.
  • Best Action Shot.

Children are encouraged to participate too and there’s a special section for the younger artists in your family (please indicate child’s age when sending children’s photos).

¿And the prize?

Winners will be announced on 08 September 2013. All participating photos will be published on Jascal’s Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Pinterest sites, with special mention to the photos (& photographers!) selected in each category.

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 May 28th 2011

Tresendín Talleres de Arte nace de Fresia Puente, artista santanderina, y Myriam de Liniers, comisaria de exposiciones, experta en gestión cultural y creación de talleres a nivel nacional e internacional.

Es un espacio para la convivencia de artistas interesados en ampliar sus conocimientos e intercambiar pensamientos.

Tresendín Talleres de Arte

La ubicación de la casa de artistas es Ruenes, concejo de Peñamellera alta. Ruenes tiene un entorno rural de montaña, ya que está ubicada entre la Sierra del Cuera y los Picos de Europa.

Una de las finalidades de estos workshops es la convivencia y el intercambio de pensamientos y conocimientos entre todos los participantes de los cursos.

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