Jun 4th 2014

Jascal in Sawday’s “Wild Spain” collection

We love Sawday’s because they define themselves as “more than a place to spend the night”. They defend originality, location and the owners’ involvement, above corporate strategies and standardization, while seeking a connection with locals, their traditions, their products, etc. These are the values we aim to defend and transmit here at Jascal, values that our guests share too.
Wild Spain Sawdays - Ficha Jascal Asturias
If you have not yet been to visit us, we’d love to welcome you. You’ll understand why everyone ends up falling in love with this very unique corner of the world, the Picos, Asturias – Spain.
We celebrate the chance to be a part of the “Wild Spain”collection, a special promotion highlighting 24 accommodations from around the country, where Asturias has its own place with Jascal and the Picos de Europa.

Wild Spain Sawdays - Jascal Asturias